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Secret Garden

When I was little I dreamed to live in another era, I watched cartoons such as Lady Oscar and I readed biographies about the life of Marie Antoinette. With these presuppositions, when I arrived in France, I could not miss occasionally to be lost myself in the gardens of Versailles! They are only half an hour […]

A Chic Watch

There are some days that you are happy without any particular reason. Does it also happen to you? It happened to me today … I was strolling on the Seine, under the bridges of Paris, watching the Bateaux Mouches going up and down and carrying on board a lot of tourists in love (almost as […]

500 Couture Preview in Paris

One of the most exclusive events which was held in Paris during fashion week is the one organized by L’Uomo Vogue and Fiat at the Motorvillage at the Rond-Point of the Champs Elysees  for the preview of  “500 COUTURE”, the top of the customization. The emblem of this is the unreleased 500 Aran Ron Couture, created […]

Italian Luxury in Paris

Paris during fashion week becomes magical. Tour around its streets full of history and beauty on board of this new Fiat 500c was an emotion! Because the style is something that does not stop to the dress or to an accessory! What I think about new Fiat 500c and about the new range of bold colors , […]

The best of Milan Fashion Week 2014

The Milan Fashion Week is over, and I have already come back to Paris not to miss anything of the other fashion week that in the City of of Lights is just starting. Every time I go to Milan, the time runs too fast, and this time between an event and another I hope to […]

Bubble Tea

A Bubble Tea thank you! A … what? A tea with bubbles? After a break-book in a Parisian café, yesterday I went around Paris to try Bubble Tea for all tastes with my friend Alessandra and now I can tell you all about this drink that is making the world fall in love! All of you […]

Outfit : Black Chic

What is more elegant than a total black outfit? Maybe enriched with precious details. When I was a child I was not a fan of black , but then as time went on my ideas about it have totally changed. Radical, absolute, enigmatic. It was the choice for one of my last days of summer in Italy. I think that […]

The Bracelet : Tatù

From Paris to Salento, this summer I decided to wear a very unique bracelet that combines fashion to the fight for a good cause. My bracelet is called Tatù, because its rubber embroidered and perfumed adheres perfectly to the skin creating a”tattoo” effect, and it’s dedicated to all those women who got victims of violence. Created by a […]

The K-way : Roxy Outdoors Fitness New Collection

  Let’s start! The bags are packed for my holidays in Salento, in the deep south of Italy (read more about this location HERE), 100% sea and sport! Looking at my bags they are full of sun creams and swimsuits but I just noticed that I forgot something: my inseparable K-way by Roxy! Recently, thanks to my […]