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Welcome Stories by Aeroports de Paris

My first memory of this fabulous city, my Paris, is just one airport, precisely Charles de Gaulle. Today I decided to write this unforgettable story on the siteweb of Aeroports de Paris. In fact, Aeroports de Paris has launched a very original project : Welcome Stories.

Luxury in Rhone-Alpes: La Villa Coeur

As you probably understood, from time to time I love to lose myself in some wonderful places!
The last one which I have been spending an unforgettable weekend, about 10 days ago, is a dreamy and luxury villa located and stretched in between the Alps and the romantic lake of Geneve, precisely in Thonon Les Bans.
It is called Villa Coeur.

La Folie Douce Cannes

I had to find the time to share with you my crazy and sweet experience in Cannes with a fantastic team of bloggers thanks to La Folie Douce, Mumm and the exceptional hospitality of the Hotel Majestic Barriere. But first things first.

Deauville: The Timeless Elegance and The Hotel Du Golf Barriere

When you’re in Paris it’s really hard to find the time to visit the rest of France. The capital offers so many ideas that in some ways they force you to stay there and admire it as much as possible. But if you have a couple of spare days, a place that you definitely can’t miss […]

My suggested Weekend : Saumur (France)

Today is Saturday, the holidays are officially finished! But there are always the weekends to disconnect the plug! One idea that I would suggest for a quick weekend in France it’s Saumur. A place which I didn’t know the existence until few weeks ago! Because France is not only Paris, fashion and the Eiffel Tower. […]