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Outfit by night at Alila Privé Event in Tokyo

The most beautiful event I attended in Tokyo has been the one organized by Alila Hotels, which has been held in an exclusive and “secret” location, the bar Citabria. During the event, just before a surprisingly very Italian aperitif, the pictures of the new resorts to be opened have been projected, showing a mix of dream […]

Fashion Japan : Hiroko Koshino’s collection Autumn/Winter 2014-15

I attended the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Tokyo and I have not informed you about the fashion shows? The fashion in Tokyo is not like the one you see in Milan, Paris, London, New York. Why? Because I think that the aesthetics of the Japanese designers is, without doubt, the most original, creative and […]

Travelling in Japan with Upstream Clothes

For my trip from Paris to Tokyo, including a short stop in Vienna, I brought with me everything that I consider essential. Here is the content of my luggage, in summary: basic items whites, blacks, and blue; some elegant clothes for various fashion shows and events; lingerie, makeup and creams, a considerable amount of socks and […]

Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Tokyo 2014

In Tokyo it’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week! I arrived in Tokyo from a few days, but despite everything, I still have not taken up by time zone: what a disaster! So, I have puffy eyes in almost all the photos, and this is the only reason why I can’t wait to get back in my […]

Sunday in Paris!

And here I’m to tell you something about my Sunday lost in the beautiful Paris! I woke up late, as it is rightly the last day before the odious Monday that always awaits us, I had breakfast in a Parisian boulangerie for a sweet beginning and later I had a  look to the “sales” in […]

My suggested Weekend : Saumur (France)

Today is Saturday, the holidays are officially finished! But there are always the weekends to disconnect the plug! One idea that I would suggest for a quick weekend in France it’s Saumur. A place which I didn’t know the existence until few weeks ago! Because France is not only Paris, fashion and the Eiffel Tower. […]

La Coquette lost in Japan : Tokyo and Kyoto, Super Hit-list!

Rule number 1: Never neglect the blog. But this time I did it, sorry. But I had a good reason! I was convinced that in ten days in Japan, there were times when I would have time to write. Instead, when arrived in Tokyo, the desire to discover any custom, tradition, particular district, has gained […]

Last Sun in Balmain Paris

Here in Paris it’s raining like hell… Well, yes, summer is ending!Although my friends are sending me some pictures on whatsapp with people who can still lay down in front of the Italian sea and enjoying it up to the last sun: so jealous! So to cheer me up I can only dream of my next […]

Italia: Porto Cesareo

Buongiorno! Oggi avevo proprio voglia di parlarvi della mia terra. In effetti questo per me non è stato propriamente un viaggio, piuttosto un “ritorno” a casa, che ogni tanto, non fa male! Il Salento, è una parte della regione Puglia che si trova molto a Sud (è chiamato per questo anche “il tacco d’Italia”), e […]

Grecia : Paxos

Quest’estate ho passato gran parte delle mie vacanze in Grecia, in un’isoletta molto romantica chiamata Paxos o Passo o Paxoi o Paxi (dal greco Παξοί). Me ne avevano parlato spesso i miei amici facendomi sorgere la curiosità di scoprirla. Ero già stata in Grecia altre volte, e l’avevo trovata sempre stupenda, ma questa volta mi è […]