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Disneyland Paris

Disneyland is a fantasy world in which getting lost for a moment, leaving out of the main entrance the real one, so if you are planning to unplug….

3 Romantic Things to do in Paris

Are you an incurable romantic? Do you like dream, read and love? Here are three things to do in Paris in one day: 1 – a moment in front of the wall of “I love you” for the hopeless romantics like me 2 – A pause at the library “Shakespeare and company”, where close your eyes and […]

Casual Outfit in Paris

Finally at home, finally in Paris! Finally, in front of her, the Tower which is able to render any image, magic, without ever being trivial. The reason is a real mystery! But now I’ve discovered that even those who were born and lived here, are not yet accustomed to her beauty, and continue, just like […]

Sunday in Paris!

And here I’m to tell you something about my Sunday lost in the beautiful Paris! I woke up late, as it is rightly the last day before the odious Monday that always awaits us, I had breakfast in a Parisian boulangerie for a sweet beginning and later I had a  look to the “sales” in […]