Going for Gold

By Maria Rosaria

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How to make me happy ? With jewels obviously. I consider them some “magic objects” which are able to through away any track of a bad mood and yes, in the end to make the most of every look.
Particularly I tend to prefer the jewelery in yellow gold for the shining light which they give to any feminine face. It would be impossible to buy a jewel once a day or every time we are in a bad mood (unfortunately), then to customize an outfit you can sometimes opt for a “bijoux”, as the necklace I wear in these pictures, which has a really big value and impact but still being affordable. I chose this necklace for the number of possibilities you have to “modify” it, taking off or inverting its modules. I love to play with accessories and using a necklace like this to create as instance a belt! (click here)

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Comment me faire plaisir :-) ? Avec des bijoux bien sûr! Je les considère comme des “objets magiques” capables d’éliminer la mauvaise humeur et d’améliorer n’importe quel tenue. En particulier, je préfère les bijoux en or jaune, car ils ont une lumière chatoyante qu’illumine le visage des femmes. Pour personnaliser votre tenue du jour, vous pouvez également opter pour un bijoux pas cher, comme le collier que je porte sur les photos, qui a un très bel effet en or. Je choisis spécifiquement ce collier pour les possibilités infinies de lui “modifier” en enlevant ou en inversent ses composants. J’aime jouer avec les accessoires, en utilisant un collier comme celui-ci, pour créer, par exemple, une ceinture (Cliquez ici).

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Come rendermi felice :-) ? Con i gioielli naturalmente ! Li considero dei “magici oggetti” capaci di spazzar via il cattivo umore e di valorizzare ogni look. In particolare preferisco i gioielli d’oro giallo per la luce scintillante che riescono a dare al volto femminile. Comprare un gioiello al giorno sarebbe impossibile, quindi per personalizzare un outfit, spesso si puo optare per un bijoux, come la collana che indosso nelle immagini, che da un bellissimo effetto ad un modico prezzo. In particolare ho scelto questa collana, per le infinite possibilità di “modificarla” staccando o invertendo le sue componenti. Amo giocare con gli accessori, ed usare una collana come questa, per creare, ad esempio, una cintura (Clicca qui).

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happiness-boutique-lacoquetteitalienneGolden Mary

Photo Credits: Fabio Perrone 



Top Black/Gold: Forever 21

Bijoux: Happiness Boutique 

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2 Thoughts to Going for Gold

  1. Tessa D. Reply November 5, 2015 at 12:24 am

    Amazing outfit and pictures!

  2. Maria Anna Reply November 5, 2015 at 8:03 pm

    Quels bijoux? Je ne le vois pas! Ma chere Mary, tu obscurcis toutes choses, meme les plus brillantes!


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