LCI Music Paris is a music project linked to the blog La Coquette Italienne.

Every release will be inspired to the taste and style that distinguishes every single content in the blog, or particular experiences during my travels. Always the world of music has influenced fashion and vice versa.

The music concept will partly follow the Detroit Techno and partly the House Music, shaping sounds and atmospheres sometimes warm and deep, sometimes dub and cold, in order to give to the read of each article a pressing rhythm, though with a linear and clean style, so that the musical aspect doesn’t prevail and doesn’t disturb the contents fruition, but it better represents their soundtrack or to stick on the theme of fashion to be a sort of dress of the article itself and a hearing stimulation at the same level of the one coming from the reading. That’s why each track will be named trough the lettering “EARDRESS”.

All the articles “wearing” our music will be marked with a keynote next to the title♬ ).

All the tracks released are the result of the collaboration between La Coquette Italienne and the music production studio of gp !