About me, Maria Rosaria Rizzo

Maria Rosaria Rizzo (aka La Coquette Italienne) is an Italian model and TV presenter, with an unbridled passion for fashion since childhood, and with a creative mind that after graduating in Biotechnology, feels the need to express her multifaceted personality through her different talents.
In 2013 she moved to Paris, and she launched her fashion blog “La Coquette Italienne”, which reinterprets the good taste with a chic and feminine Italian style and a French contamination.

Her love for Paris can be seen from every single post and image, which are inspired by the warm colors of Montmartre, the Parisian luxury of the great French courts, and the Paris linked to the cinema.
The blog has quickly grown in scope and popularity, so she decided to follow her heart and to devote full time to it. Her dream is to travel around the world, looking for anything that is tied with her idea of luxury and elegance in every place! Life for her is : “looking for the good in everything.”

The little owl was chosen as the logo of her project, not not rendomly. It’s ironic about the side “coquettish” of her personality and also it’s a small good luck charm.