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Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week looks back to the East and to the splendours of the past. In Valentino’s collection, one of the most appreciated by the critics, Rome and Athens are allied to inspire the italian fashion house.


I have chosen an outfit that I consider very cool and that follows several trends of the moment. Beginning with the bow collar shirt, up to the button-front suede mini skirt, in a mood very seventies.

Sunny Day

A fantastic sunny day in Paris. I try to work without thinking where I would really be now to enjoy this beautiful weather: at my home in Italy near the sea!


Berlin left something special in my heart. It’s a city with thousands of contradictions and maybe that’s why I liked that much and I lool forward to go there again.

PFW: Chanel, flared trousers in the Brasserie ♬

The Paris Fashion Week is over, and now I finally have the time to write to you to tell you everything! I’ll start right from the end, from the look that I chose for the most exclusive fashion show, Chanel, that every year close the week in an original and unforgettable way.

Back in Salento

I understand what’s best to recharge my energy and relax my mind: take a break from the world and from my frenetic work and back home in Italy. Although I love travel around the world, is when I get back here in Salento, in front of the crystal clear sea that fascinates me since I […]

Trend Alert 2014/2015 : Pied de Poule

Unquestionable symbol of elegance, the houndstooth, will still be present in the next autumn-winter 2014/2015. The black-white pattern was again proposed by famous and lesser-known brands. I found it even in Japan, where one of the brands most fashionable for young women, Cecil Mc Bee, has created short dresses knitted, embellished with pearls and jewels, […]

Sunday in Paris!

And here I’m to tell you something about my Sunday lost in the beautiful Paris! I woke up late, as it is rightly the last day before the odious Monday that always awaits us, I had breakfast in a Parisian boulangerie for a sweet beginning and later I had a  look to the “sales” in […]