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A Chic Watch

There are some days that you are happy without any particular reason. Does it also happen to you? It happened to me today … I was strolling on the Seine, under the bridges of Paris, watching the Bateaux Mouches going up and down and carrying on board a lot of tourists in love (almost as […]

Deauville: The Timeless Elegance and The Hotel Du Golf Barriere

When you’re in Paris it’s really hard to find the time to visit the rest of France. The capital offers so many ideas that in some ways they force you to stay there and admire it as much as possible. But if you have a couple of spare days, a place that you definitely can’t miss […]

It’s CONVERSE-Mania !

Here again, I’m in a total “Converse-Mania”! Now , I fell in love with the new Converse Chuck Taylor “Tie and Dye” model, available in different and ultra funky colours! And here’s my “Parisian-chic” outfit of the day: I have combined this sneakers with a mini-dress, a bit “Chanel” and a little bit “lolita”, a short jacket of leather and […]

Casual Outfit in Paris

Finally at home, finally in Paris! Finally, in front of her, the Tower which is able to render any image, magic, without ever being trivial. The reason is a real mystery! But now I’ve discovered that even those who were born and lived here, are not yet accustomed to her beauty, and continue, just like […]

C’est la rentrée!!!

Good morning Paris ! Today I woke up fully charged! Looking at the sky out of the window I could not really expect something good, but then just after few minutes in the shower, sun was shining on the city. And what’s better than an Italian coffee and a quick walk in any of the nice park […]