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Berlin left something special in my heart. It’s a city with thousands of contradictions and maybe that’s why I liked that much and I lool forward to go there again.

Deauville: The Timeless Elegance and The Hotel Du Golf Barriere

When you’re in Paris it’s really hard to find the time to visit the rest of France. The capital offers so many ideas that in some ways they force you to stay there and admire it as much as possible. But if you have a couple of spare days, a place that you definitely can’t miss […]

Sporty Summer

This weekend will probably be the last for me in Paris before my holidays. Walking in Paris is something that will never be boring. And usually I love not to have a clear destination. I decided to take a walk along the Seine, where I found a market with some beautiful vintage accessories of Dior, […]

It’s Spring Time in Paris !

Today I woke up very late and I realized I have so much work to do but looking out of the window I noticed that the weather was too good to stay locked in the house! So I wore my new super cheap jeans by Zara, and I went out… Direction: park! Obviously, there was […]