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Last weekend I have been in Cannes. Although Cannes Film Festival 2017 will be held in May, this time I couldn’t wait to have some relax after a tough time travelling around Europe. Sometimes I feel I really need a brake and usually in these cases I prefer to have the sea side in front [...]


The new fragrance « a la parisienne » it is called Mademoiselle Rochas and it perfectly reflects the “typically French” spirit of the young Parisian girl, an active and playful city-girl but always chic and elegant too. A seductive fragrance, a flower explosion where rose petals coming from the exclusive Rochas fields mix up with [...]


I can give you a good news: from the 14th to the 27th of March you can find on a sale fully dedicated to the italian fashion . Into this “Italian Week” sale you can find brands such us Rinascimento, Motivi, Gaudi’, Tata and others!

Welcome Stories by Aeroports de Paris

My first memory of this fabulous city, my Paris, is just one airport, precisely Charles de Gaulle. Today I decided to write this unforgettable story on the siteweb of Aeroports de Paris. In fact, Aeroports de Paris has launched a very original project : Welcome Stories.

Luxury in Rhone-Alpes: La Villa Coeur

As you probably understood, from time to time I love to lose myself in some wonderful places!
The last one which I have been spending an unforgettable weekend, about 10 days ago, is a dreamy and luxury villa located and stretched in between the Alps and the romantic lake of Geneve, precisely in Thonon Les Bans.
It is called Villa Coeur.

My suggested Weekend : Saumur (France)

Today is Saturday, the holidays are officially finished! But there are always the weekends to disconnect the plug! One idea that I would suggest for a quick weekend in France it’s Saumur. A place which I didn’t know the existence until few weeks ago! Because France is not only Paris, fashion and the Eiffel Tower. […]

Save the date!!! PFW 2013

The early days of the Paris fashion week I could not write to you as I spent my days jumping from a fashion show to another, ending with vernissages and the usual fashionistas private parties of last minute. As of today the rule sounds to be: put on the most bizare things you have in […]

Vogue Fashion Night Out 2013 in Paris

As you all know the past five late summers here in Paris have been caracterized by the most expected fashion event organized by Vogue (Vogue Fashion Night Out), that, as always, has given life and colors to the most famous shopping areas of the “ville lumiere”: rue Faubourg-Saint-Honorè, rue Royale and around the Palais Royale.  […]

Make up per “le grand rendez-vous”

  Ed è arrivato anche il tanto atteso giorno parigino de “le grand rendez vous”! Questa mattina ci sono state le celebrazioni di ordine militare, mentre adesso la città si prepara alla festa popolare,i concerti ed i tanto attesi fuochi d’artificio che accendono di miriadi differenti di colori una Tour Eiffel più romantica del solito! […]


Un sabato come un altro qui a Parigi, dove a Giugno, si può ancora respirare un’aria fresca e sentire a tratti il tiepido calore del sole che ti sfiora il viso. In una giornata così, ho pensato di fare un giro ai giardini del Palais Royale, dove ci si può rilassare al parco, o passeggiare tra […]