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Christmas Wishlist ( La lista dei desideri di Natale)

Ecco a voi la mia lista dei desideri del mese: Here you go the wishlist of the month: 1. Non ci sono parole per descrivere questi abiti. Ideali per il galà dell’ultimo dell’anno…  Zhuair Murad (Prezzo su richiesta) 1. Words are not enough to describe these dresses. Ideal for new year eve party … Zhuair Murad […]

Save the date!!! PFW 2013

The early days of the Paris fashion week I could not write to you as I spent my days jumping from a fashion show to another, ending with vernissages and the usual fashionistas private parties of last minute. As of today the rule sounds to be: put on the most bizare things you have in […]