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The elegance of the season rhymes with gray. Gray has always been synonym of elegance and sobriety, and has always been part of those colors-not-colors of which we can not do without. But this winter, the gray has also triumphed on the fashion catwalks, imposing itself as a trend of the year. From total gray [...]


Berlin left something special in my heart. It’s a city with thousands of contradictions and maybe that’s why I liked that much and I lool forward to go there again.

3 Romantic Things to do in Paris

Are you an incurable romantic? Do you like dream, read and love? Here are three things to do in Paris in one day: 1 – a moment in front of the wall of “I love you” for the hopeless romantics like me 2 – A pause at the library “Shakespeare and company”, where close your eyes and […]

La Coquette Italienne for

During the Milan Fashion Week, a group of Italian Glamour and fashion photographers, had an original idea: Focus on fashion bloggers! Ever more in fact, the fashion blogger is regarded as a model, fashion model, testimonial of a brand or idea, able to dictate styles and trends! I liked this idea and I agreed to […]

The hat: part two

The hat: part two. As I had promised in my last article (click here if you missed it), today I write to you still something about the classic accessory of winter 2013-2014, which has become indispensable both for fashion and for its real usefulness. But how to choose the right hat according to your personality? Here you see […]

Just a hat : Chapeau!

Here in Paris it’s super – cool! Now it’s really impossible to renounce to a hat on the head! To be frank, I personally never loved the hats. Of any kind. I always liked to watch the others wearing them, sometimes I bought them for fun, but in the end I hardly wear them, because get bored […]

My wishlist: November 2013

Ecco a voi la mia lista dei desideri del mese: Here you go the wishlist of the month: 1. Al primo posto, sicuramente le ballerine di Charlotte Olympia che celebrano i segni zodiacali. Queste sono quelle del compleanno del Capricorno, cioè del mio compleanno, proprio tra un mese! Il simbolo zodiacale sulla scarpa è dipinto […]

SC-bag : it ‘s the bag that everyone dreams! Don’t you know yet?

Still you don’t know? In this article, I want to talk about the new bag that has been designed by designer-movie director Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton. Yes, because the chance wanted that its announcement would have been released here in Paris, during this fashion week, in one of my favorite stores, Le Bon Marché (where […]

C’est la rentrée!!!

Good morning Paris ! Today I woke up fully charged! Looking at the sky out of the window I could not really expect something good, but then just after few minutes in the shower, sun was shining on the city. And what’s better than an Italian coffee and a quick walk in any of the nice park […]

Last Sun in Balmain Paris

Here in Paris it’s raining like hell… Well, yes, summer is ending!Although my friends are sending me some pictures on whatsapp with people who can still lay down in front of the Italian sea and enjoying it up to the last sun: so jealous! So to cheer me up I can only dream of my next […]

Grecia : Paxos

Quest’estate ho passato gran parte delle mie vacanze in Grecia, in un’isoletta molto romantica chiamata Paxos o Passo o Paxoi o Paxi (dal greco Παξοί). Me ne avevano parlato spesso i miei amici facendomi sorgere la curiosità di scoprirla. Ero già stata in Grecia altre volte, e l’avevo trovata sempre stupenda, ma questa volta mi è […]