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Italian Luxury in Paris

Paris during fashion week becomes magical. Tour around its streets full of history and beauty on board of this new Fiat 500c was an emotion! Because the style is something that does not stop to the dress or to an accessory! What I think about new Fiat 500c and about the new range of bold colors , […]

La Coquette Italienne for

During the Milan Fashion Week, a group of Italian Glamour and fashion photographers, had an original idea: Focus on fashion bloggers! Ever more in fact, the fashion blogger is regarded as a model, fashion model, testimonial of a brand or idea, able to dictate styles and trends! I liked this idea and I agreed to […]

Save the date!!! PFW 2013

The early days of the Paris fashion week I could not write to you as I spent my days jumping from a fashion show to another, ending with vernissages and the usual fashionistas private parties of last minute. As of today the rule sounds to be: put on the most bizare things you have in […]