4 Beauty Inspirations

Beauty Inspirations

Need some beauty inspiration for your shopping?

Here you go some tips in 4 different style combinations, where, among some of my favourite bijoux and accessories, you can discover the latest beauty products I’ve recently bought and that I definitely invite you to test!
In the first sporty-chic combination you will find a product I can’t really miss, Visionnaire by Lancome. An instantaneous skin finisher to be used right after your usual skin moisturizer and right before foundation (the result is amazing!).
Then in the second combination with a more glamour style,  the new cream for the night by Vichy Liftactiv Nuit, that promises to stretch the signs of tireness and to revitalize the skin colour (still need to wait for the results after this long day in front of the PC).

From this combination I also suggest you to try the Lancome Grandiose mascara, which has an original wand that will enable you to stretch the mascara up to the less comfortable areas very easily and as a real make-up artist (inside the package you will also find a lot of instructions on how to use it, but sometimes learning by doing is more effective).

Next to the Lancome Grandiose, there’s a tiny golden box hidden between the bijoux: it’s the last lipstick by Dolce e Gabbana that in this case I choose in flesh tone to be ideal all day long (Classic Cream Lipstick, colour Honey, no. 130).
In the third combination, vintage inspired, among the various items of my collection, two evergreen make-up products couldn’t be missing: Rouge Dior, created in 50s to dress the smile of women, and Les Meteorites, a powder which is in a kind of multicolor pearl format and that has been invented by Guerlain in 1987.
Finally in the last set, I got differently inspired from the ocean, as now that I am in Paris and winter is coming, the sea is what I really miss from my place; I miss the moments of relax thinking in front of the waves and the smell of the brackish air that naturally makes my hair wavy.

To recreate at least that hairstyle, I tried L’Oreal Stylers Beach Wave , that creates exactly the wavy effect I was describing as you spent one day on the beach and to hold some rebel strands I choose the small accessories by Alexandre de Paris (among my favourite ones), that you can find hidden in the shell.


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