Colour analysis and the beauty world

Colour analysis and the beauty world: everything you need to know!

Colour analysis and the beauty world: colour analysis in recent years is becoming more and more popular and more and more young people rely on the consulting services of real experts who promise to enhance them to the maximum by making them shine more than ever!!!

Do you know what colour analysis consists of and what does it have to do with the beauty world?! If you want to find out or simply want to deepen you just have to continue reading, we will reveal all the secrets of this fantastic discipline.

Colour analysis is a subject of study that analyzes people by dividing them into 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter based on the color of skin, eyes and hair, analyzing the chromatic characteristics that are undertone, value, contrast and intensity.

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Each season has a palette of colors that recalls, in fact, the colors of nature and that once identified will be able to enhance a face to the maximum, a complexion making it brighter and more harmonious. Have you ever wondered, in fact, why with a certain dress or color you see yourself better and more beautiful than another? Here is the reason, precisely in the fact that some colors in the “palette” are able to enhance for example your eyes or the skin, others, however, the “wrong”, can turn off the light on your face and make it look more gray.

Instagram Rossella Migliaccio colour analysis
Instagram @rossellamigliaccio_

But what does all this have to do with the beauty world you may be wondering? Well, even makeup plays a fundamental role in all this since once you have identified your season even the beauty will be rearranged on the basis of the reference colors and in particular:

  • Spring: to this category belong people with warm under tone so you can not miss lipsticks or blush very bright colors peach, coral, orange. To banish absolutely the cold shades.
  • Autumn: this season is also characterized by the warm under tone and therefore eyeshadows, lipsticks and makeup in general that recalls the warmth of nature in autumn will be fine. Peach, apricot, terracotta will enhance this category to the fullest!
  • Summer: contrary to its name to the summer season belong the skins with cold undertone and with light and pinkish skin. Green light then to a delicate and refined makeup with nude and pinkish lipsticks but always on a cold base!
  • Winter:this is the cold season par excellence where the contrasts and intensity are quite evident so yes to a splendid black, blue or green smokey eyes but never warm tones or tending to gold!

Now that you know everything about colour analysis and the beauty world, are you ready to find your expert?! Surfing the net you can find excellent professionals ready to reveal your reference of chromatic season.

But, whether you want to reorganize your beauty bag in palette or not, the important thing is that makeup makes us feel good about ourselves so, as always, we continue to wear makeup and good makeup at all!!!

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