Everything you want to know about the secrets of beauty made ​​in Japan

beauty made ​​in Japan

Since I came back from Japan, I have in mind to write an article about skin care.

What better place than Japan to learn the “secrets” of beauty to have a white face and forever young?

I must be honest: not all women that I have met around Japan had a beautiful skin as I imagined, but many of them are close enough to my ideal. After having done a stock up of moisturizers, lotions, and masks of marine  collegene (which cost really cheap compared to Europe), I decided to also buy the products for the face washing.

For years, I use a three-phase system for cleaning the face of a Japanese cosmetics company, which is quite expensive (Kanebo), and when I found the same products in supermarkets and pharmacies in Tokyo for less than half the European price, I couldn’t resist! Not to mention the Shiseido shampoo that in a week has made my hair much more shiny!

In Japan there are the most disparate  and bizarre objects that promise to “lift” the face such as cosmetic surgery (like cloth mask that after a night on the face gives a lifting effect, or the bizarre item of silicone applied to the mouth and that promises to stretch in three minutes the nasolabial wrinkles, or yet various electrical tools to put the creams more in depth): are they really working? I did not find the courage to try! And I also couldn’t try the facial treatment with snails!

I thought that the most fascinating thing about their culture is the time that they devote to themselves and to the care of the body.

But to satisfy my thirst for information about it, I got revealed all the “secrets” of beauty care made ​​in Japan, by an expert of Japanese Beauty: the very sweet Yuria.

Here are all her answers to my “dilemmas”:

  • In Italy, I have been taught not to put grease or oil products on the face, while I saw the Japanese women with their faces covered with oil, what is correct to do?

Yuria: Women need oils for their bodies like on hairs, skins and such. I know about some famous oils such as organ, macadamia nuts, Moroccan oils. Not only japanese people love them but Victoria Secrets models as well!!

You know, oils sometimes make you just fat but if you can get oils in the right way you’ll be healthier and more beautiful

  • I remember that drinking a Coke in the colorful pub in Shibuya you told me step by step how to make the perfect cleaning of the face before going to sleep. Can you repeat the steps?

Yuria:  Well, first of all it’s required to keep your face clean. It sounds easy and common but actually that’s the most important and what most of the people don’t do. Usually, you should wash your face when you get home like in addition to wash your hands.

If you like, you can remove your makeup as well at the same time. With putting some oils, I usually put like one coin size on my hand and spread it gently (especially on eyes, side of nose because they’re not so easy to remove makeup). Then massage your face like drawing circles and wash it off well by water.

Put remover like a soap on face and wash it. After you wash your face, your skin will get dry easily. So as soon as you finish it, you need to put a lotion on your face. About  the lotion, you should hold your face by your hands like push the lotion into your skin or you can kind of tap your face gently. And for keeping moisturizing, you should use milky lotion. And this time, you better insert the lotion on face like when you put hand-cream on hands.

  • What Japanese women think about cosmetic surgery?

Yuria:  They don’t like surgeries! (But many celebrities maybe do for looking better!)

  • There are other secrets that you know it about japanese beauty? 

Yuria: Yes! We usually eat vegetables and fish more than meats I guess. That’s much healthier and you can get calcium!

I would like to thank Yuria for her cooperation and for having shared her “made in Japan” secrets on my blog, and I conclude with my personal tought: the important thing is to take care of themselves and dedicate themselves enough time!


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