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I Santi di Diso: Mediterranean natural cosmetics able to revolutionize our daily skincare are a pride all made in Italy.

From the heart of Salento, the best ingredients are extracted for our skin, with methods and technologies respectful not only of our dermis, but also of nature itself, which offers us precious elixir to prolong as much as possible the well-being and elasticity of the skin and slow down the effects of time.

The protection of the biodiversity of the Mediterranean scrub is the basis of the alchemy of I Santi di Diso, which could not imagine an idea of beauty if it were not accompanied by the respect for nature. The precious natural extracts are then treated with a modern and innovative method in order to obtain cosmetics completely free of pesticides, heavy metals and aflatoxins.

I Santi di Diso La Coquette Italienne skincare

I Santi Di Diso has thought of everyone and all needs, creating a line designed for young skins, “Benedetta Grandi”, a line for man, “Pierangelo Maffeis” and a line for mature skins, result of an innovative scientific project with a prestigious Italian Biotechnology company,“Laura Carli”.

It is essential to be able to identify what are the needs of our skin, in order to choose the cosmetic product that best suits us. Also in this sense I Santi di Diso accompanies us within a path of skin care specific to our needs: through their site, with a simple click, it is in fact possible to get in touch with a cosmetologist to receive a personalized advice for the care of your skin.

In addition, all the products of I santi di Diso are natural cosmetics in harmony with the current cosmetic green code and have a multisensory texture with fragrances capable of stimulating good mood and a feeling of well-being.

I personally am currently following a protocol of three weeks in which I use some products of the anti-aging cosmetic line Laura Carli and others of the Benedetta Grandi cosmetic line: in the first week after cleaning my face with the Benedetta Grandi products, I apply a few drops of Anti-aging Serum by Laura Carli (an antioxidant and moisturizing intensive serum); in the second week, after cleaning I apply a specific skincare night and day (Laura Carli Anti-age Cream); in the third beginning to combine the complete skincare in a ritual with the Laura Carli mask. The results on my skin and small facial wrinkles due to oxidative stress and UV exposure are amazing.

Of course it always applies the rule that the sooner you start taking care of your skin the better… So what are you waiting for?

Here is the address that will change your beauty routine:


Maria Rosaria Rizzo per I Santi di Diso


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