Indian Sun : it’s the hair contouring technic that has literally conquered me! I have already written about it this summer (read here), when I tested this technic by Franck Provost in Paris for the first time, but now I’m a true addicted!

Before leaving for Los Angeles, about a month ago, I had the wish to give an even more evident touch of light to my hair and so I decided to repeat the experience of Indian Sun by Franck Provost! The result ? You can see it in the pictures below ; you can see that despite the pictures have been taken on a cloudy Parisian day they are “enlighted” by my hair’s highlights thanks to the Indian Sun technic.

It enhances the features of the face and hide the defects with specific hair’s highlights: this is the mission of the Indian Sun hair contouring, the new hair coloring technic inspired by the famous makeup! Maybe now … I’m ready for my third Indian Sun! Just wait to read your comments and your experiences about it! What do you really think about the hair contouring?

La Coquette Italienne - Indian Sun Hair La Coquette Italienne - Indian Sun Hair


Franck-Provost-6b Franck-Provost-Global-Therap

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