About a month ago I tried the Indian Sun effect by Franck Provost Paris. Those who follow me on social networks haven’t certainly missed the fact that my hair have a special light lately which emphasize and value the characteristics of my face. I will tell you the secret: it’s the hair contouring!

The Indian Sun technique by Franck Provost creates shadows and lighting effects that sculpture the parts of the face to be enhanced. The technique is obviously suitable for any type of face: to each one his special Indian Sun!

When I arrived at Franck Provost salon, an expert has studied and identified the areas of my face to be emphasized, and he has simply created 3-5 lighter streaks (not more) in order to enlighten my hair softly and with a completely natural effect. I thought the name of the technique really wants to identify the effect that we would get after a long summer at the beach, but that was actually wrong as in this case the streams of light are not created “by chance”, but after careful studied to value our faces.

The thing that amazed me most is that the application of this technique is very fast and the price is very affordable (only 35 Euros) so that they are already tempted to repeat the technique to highlight even more the effects. How about ?

INDIAN SUN La-Coquette-Italienne-Indian-Sun-Franck-Provost La-Coquette-Italienne-Indian-Sun-Franck-Provost2 Indian-Sun-Franck-Provost-La-Coquette-Italienne2 La-Coquette-Italienne-Indian-Sun-Franck-Provost2 Indian-Sun-La-Coquette-Italienne-for-Franck-Provost


Jumpsuit : Zara / Bag : Chanel / Earrings : Satellite Paris

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