This morning my alarm goes off at 5 am, in a few hours I will have my flight to Milan, where an intense “fashion week is waiting for me! To be able to be flawless until this evening I began the day with my morning beauty routine by Hellobody .

I discovered Hellobody a few months ago and now I can not do without these products which are 100% natural and that make the skin soft and hydrated. I do not think I’m the only one to read the ingredients of a product before using it and to have realized that many chemicals ingriendents are not good for my skin and often cause of irritation and blemishes!

My morning beauty routine began with a body scrub with coffee that I used during the shower (it stimulates blood circulation and makes my skin super smooth), then I used the slimming oil Coco Slim coconut Hellobody that is ideal for firming the skin and to combat stretch marks.

At this point I spent some time for my facial care: I did a detox mask mud (Co Co Clear) to have a bright and fresh skin and then I used the scrub for lips (sugar based) and the balm Co Co lips Scrub’n’Balm. I would have liked even to do a detox mask for my hair, the Coco Shine, that usually makes my hair more resistant and shiny, but unfortunately this morning I did not have enough time!  So I’ll take it with me in my suitcase.

All the products are really high quality and the prices are affordable, furthermore if you are curious to test the Hellobody products you can have 15% discount thanks to the discount code : coquetteblog 


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