Revlon shine addict nail buffer + Giveaway


As you could see, I take a lot of care of my nails. I hate damaged nails, ridged, rough and not shiny. I tried several times to try a DIY manicure, but each time the result was quite disappointing.

So I decided to give up with the UV ovens and limes “prodigious” but in the end impossible to use and I restarted to experience the boring queues at the nails dedicated beauty centers in my neighborhood, investing a relatively low amount eac month. Today I discovered a new nail polisher and so far it seems it is really simplifying my life: the Revlon Shine Addict Nail Buffer.

Very convenient, compact, easy to use, it allowed me to strengthen the natural brilliance of my nails in a seconds, with a durable glossy effect and without any need for other products such as bases or top coat to add brilliant.

Now I’ll explain you how you can have perfect nails with only the use of this Revlon polisher! The automatic buffer by Revlon is equipped with two types of micro-roller, one in gray and one in white, which can be simply interchanged by removing and putting them when the unit is off.
For a perfect and most importantly pretty fast manicure it takes only two steps: the first one involves the use of the gray roller, which will reduce any nail irregularity; the second step performs after you apply the white micro-roller which will polish the nails and make them incredibly shiny (in this case, the effect is the same as the one we would get after putting a transparent glossy polish on the nail).

At this point, you may decide to opt for a perfect “nude” manicure, with shiny and bright nails or to use your favorite nail polish (like me that I tried my shiny red by Revlon).

As in my case, if you decide to apply the polish on the nail after using the Revlon Shine Addict Nail Buffer you will see immediately that the paint is very well distributed on the nails, without leaving any streak or scratch. In fact I discovered with pleasure that this electrical nail buffer is a fast and effective solution to have beautiful chip-free nails, or for prepping nails before the colour application. And besides, I found that the polish I applied through this Revlon accessory lasted much longer than usual!

I think that this compact tool is perfect to take him away with us in the handbag or especially when we travel and we don’t want to spend time in finding a beauty center.

Wireless, the polisher is powered by two common AA batteries and is equipped with 4 rollers (2 polishing, buffing 2), which last about three months use on average according to Revlon.

Personally, I will take many times with me in case of any “last minute” manicure needs, especially when traveling.
It was definitely a good investment, which allowed me to avoid long waits and also avoid the use permanent polishes (and moreover to change the color whenever I want and very quickly, depending on my outfit).

Ready for perfect manicure in 5 minutes? If the answer is YES, keep reading below: a surprise waiting for you !!!

Your hands are ready to face the cold of winter and the end of the year party? If the answer is no, Revlon Shine Addict Nail Buffer is what you need!
There are 10 polishers wins that will be given to ten lucky girls who will participate to this contest.
But that’s not enough! Revlon also offers to four of these lucky readers a luxury manicure, directly at your home on your sofa, done by a pro nailsmaker.

How to Enter the competition?
SHARE a SELFIE of your nails in a NUDE VERSION on Instagram or Twitter, tagging #shineaddict @REVLON and myself.

INSTAGRAM TAGS@REVLON @lacoquetteitalienne #shineaddict
TWITTER TAGS@REVLON @CultMary #shineaddict

Validity of the competition: two weeks.
Good luck!


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