Skin diagnostic taking a selfie!

Today’s topic is the new skin diagnostic tool that will allow you to know if your skin is starting to display signs of aging by just taking a picture of your face. We’re all aware of the importance of taking care of our skin, but are we really sure we’re using the right products for our epidermis type? What if a selfie could suggest you the right skin care routine that best suits your needs? It sounds futuristic but it’s real: thanks to a technology based on artificial intelligence, today a picture is all we need to acknowledge the characteristics of our skin and receive a tailor-made routine to take action and improve our critical areas. This is possible thanks to an algorithm powered by artificial intelligence and used for the first time by Vichy, which detects the visual signs on our skin and analyzes its strengths and flaws. This skin diagnostic tool was developed after 15 years of studies that involved 4 thousand women and men aged between 20 and 80 years.

The procedure is very simple: you don’t need to register or download any app, just connect to the Vichy website and take or upload a selfie of your face. Then, you will be asked to insert you age and the virtual consultant will analyze and compare your skin strengths and priorities with a database of 10,000 graded pictures. The final verdict will enlighten your strengths and grade your skin based on seven signs of aging: under-eye wrinkles, lack of firmness, pores visibility, fine lines, deep wrinkles visibility, lack of radiance and dark spots intensity. In the last step you’ll receive a tailored product routine to take care of the specific needs of your skin.

If you too hardly find the time to go see a dermatologist because of your busy schedule, the Vichy SkinConsultAI program provides a quick solution which just takes few minutes. By using a selfie this skin diagnostic tool is able to provide a highly precise analysis, because it has been developed with the help of professional dermatologists. Based on the scanning of my face, I found out that my strength is firmness, while the algorithm’s advice for me is to focus on skin brightness.

But that’s not all: did you know that our body loses one layer of skin every single day? This means we have a “new” face every morning. Especially if you have a very hectic life and spend many hours away from home, your skin will be even more subject to changes, due to external and internal factors that will potentially damage it. If you find yourself standing in front of the dozens of products on display on the shelves, unable to decide which ones are really useful and which ones are not, the solution may come from the biotechnology company Ici En Orbite.

The proposal by Ici en Orbite is a serum + scanner that was created to analyze your skin daily and suggest how to act. The scanner connects to the Ici app via bluetooth and sends to it the collected data about the epidermis situation and its peculiarities. The best thing of this skin diagnostic tool is that, regardless of the result, you will not need to buy many products: just the serum is enough. Based on the daily test results, in fact, you can adjust the serum knobs and obtain the right product for your face for that particular moment.

A product like this combines the practicality of having a personalized skin examination every day with the convenience of including everything you need in a single product. A feature that will certainly simplify women’s lives, especially for those who are constantly in a hurry in the morning, but still want to take care of their skin and fight the much-feared signs of age!

And you, what do you think? Would you rather trust the opinion of a traditional dermatologist, or are you curious to try the virtual consultant’s skin diagnosis?


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