The 2021 beauty trends : predictions

The 2021 beauty trends : according to our predictions many of the trends of 2020 will be resumed.

The past year has been a rich year for makeup, staying at home much more has in fact led to experimenting with new beauty trends that especially social media have brought to the fore.

In 2020 the makeup key was a natural base but with a super glow and thick and full eyebrows. The trend, in fact, was to create a very natural but well-lighted base, well-defined eyebrows, both through the technique of hair reconstruction and with eyebrow markers and with filling with eyeshadows and pencils, blush on cheeks and nose, to recreate a healthy effect and “kissed by the sun” and freckles designed also thanks to the eyebrow pencil or marker.

For the lips, on the other hand, the focus has been on nude lipstick in all its variations and shades, from the brightest to the most tenuous, with degraded lips it is made optically more fleshy going slightly out of the natural contours, but above all “long-lasting” lips that could resist the use of the mask entered as a result of covid 19 to be part of the right of our indispensable accessories.

Moving on to eye makeup, the trends have been varied, from the imperceptible makeup, created only with a slight shading and games of lights and glitter, to a stronger makeup, such as foxy eyes for an elongated and intriguing eye.

eyeshadow beauty trend

But the undisputed protagonist of this 2020 just passed was the skin care, with many companies that have launched their line of face masks, tonics, patch, since the skin of the face has suffered a lot from the use of the mask in addition to the fact that skincare has always been fundamental for the success of an excellent makeup.

The 2021 beauty trends seem according to our predictions already to be reconfirmed with many skincare products already on the market, increasingly organic and green products since the focus of companies is on a greater attention to the environment not only from the point of view of product composition, but also from the point of view of packaging.

Another beauty trend that opens 2021 and that according to our predictions will be the real protagonist of the makeup products of the year, but already widely used in 2020 and that we really like, is an inclusive makeup, that also is transversal, unisex, with a set of products created by companies to be usable by any subtype of skin and complexion, by men, women, gender fluid.

All this is wonderful since makeup becomes the vehicle of a much more important message that is the no to any form of discrimination.

We will see what other news this beauty 2021 will reserve for us, for now good makeup to everyone!!!

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