The new beauty trends of social media

The new beauty trends of social media that come directly from the world of the web soon unveiled for you!
Fashions are known, come and go but above all they are influenced by external events. In this period the fact of staying more time at home has led more and more people to look for entertainment on social media that they have finished to influence our looks also in the beauty field.
In particular, lately they are depopulating new beauty trends on social media that show how much makeup has changed since the 70s, 80s, 90s to the present day and also in the last few years comparing 2016 with 2021.
Trends beauty of Instagram
Previously, in fact, well-defined and full eyebrows were fashionable now, instead, there has been the boom of “soap brows”or “soapy eyebrows”, all pulled upwards thanks to the help of soap rubbed on a brush and then passed over the eyebrows, or fastened with a transparent gel for a a bit “wild” effect.
This is becausethe real must of themoment is the facelift effect makeup that makes the features look like we’ve done an eh eh aesthetic intervention.
Even blush and earth, in fact, are now worn vertically just below the cheekbone, precisely to lift the look and also the concealer put under the eye and shaded towards the temples allows to achieve this result.
The highlighter, great protagonist of past years, is now used in a more discreet way.
The base, on the other hand, until a few years ago very opaque, today is lighter and more delicate.
Another protagonist of social media is the gloss that has returned to make our lips shine, although for now only in front of a screen, instead of the undisputed matte lipsticks masters of recent years.
Natasha Denona Make up trends 2021
The eyeliner, also colorful, as seen in this image of makeupartist Natasha Denona that is now put not only in the final part of the eye, but also at the beginning of the same for a feline effect and even stronger.
There’s nothing to say, in the makeup field, social media is now the master because after seeing reels or tiktok videos we are inevitably led to make-up in the same way! So much so that we are now talking about social beauty because socialmedia manages to intercept and interpret all the latest trends very well.
Malvina Isfan makeup trends instagram 2021
This is becausewe are all creating the content eitherby actively participating, by commenting or by leaving a like to what is shared that is therefore constantly evolving in line with our preferences.
The new Instagram beauty trends
What will be the next social beauty trends? We are ready to find out and tell you about it to keep you up to date on every novelty, so if you don’t want to miss even one, keep Follow!

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