Today it has been the Beauty Day at Leonor Greyl in Paris. The Leonor Greyl institute and its natural products for the haircare are some of the first things I discovered in Paris and now I can’t miss especially the second one.

The Leonor Greyl institute has been founded in 1983 in Paris when Leonor Greyl, a haircare and beauty fanatic, and Jean Marie Greyl an engineer and botanist met each other, fell in love and discover to have a common dream: to create some natural haircare products. This happened much in advance than the Bio world boom!

When I arrived at the Leonor Greyl Institute (few steps from the Madeleine church) I felt immediately a sensation of quiet and relax and I let their experts care of hair. As for the first thing I decided for a hair diagnostic test where a probe which makes the hairs 200 times bigger in order to study and discover eventual issues or needs and then to know how to proceed with the most correct treatment.

My hair were visibly healthy but slightly dehydrated on the lengths. At this stage it started the relaxing phase! The well-known “L’huile de Leonor Greyl” was applied on my hair; a treatment based on natural nutritious and repairing oils that is usually applied before putting shampoo and that they suggested to use at least once per week at home. Then I tried the regenerating mask which the Greyl experts spread on all the lengths of my hair massaging them and all this was accompanied by a relaxing massage on the neck and the shoulders (fantastic). I waited just a bit of time under the hair dryer to let the nutrients penetrate easier into the hairs while I was cuddled with coffee and macarons.

At this stage Leonor Greyl experts applied some trace elements to the hair roots and with the help of a sucker they re- oxygenated the tissues, then I made a shampoo and finally they applied the “lait luminescence bi-phase” right before making the brushing to protect the hair from the hairdryer and enlightening it. And here you have the results in the below pictures: my hairs are now lighter and brighter!

La-Coquette-Italienne-soins-Leonor-Greyl-Paris La-Coquette-Italienne-soins-Leonor-Greyl-Paris Leonor-Greyl-Paris Leonor-Greyl-Paris parfume - THE LEONOR GREYL BEAUTY DAY THE LEONOR GREYL BEAUTY DAY THE LEONOR GREYL BEAUTY DAY La-Coquette-Italienne-soins-Leonor-Greyl-Paris-


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