The perfect eyebrows

perfect eyebrows

The eyebrows have a key role in how your face looks. Well-defined eyebrows add expression to the look and give character to the face.

Personally, I am suspicious by nature and mainly because of the experiences which have led me to be so. Again, I have often preferred to try to do my eyebrows alone rather than entrust some random “beauticians”.

Obviously, I’m not a professional, but this, fortunately or unfortunately, is my way of being, at least it allowed me to avoid irreparable mistakes that rather a lot of my friends have done over time (such as hair removal wild or semi-permanent tattoos).

Then by chance one day in Paris, I met Carole ( Carole & Brows), a “sourcilista” (in English a kind of “eyebrawista”), well, a real specialist of the eyebrows that I wanted to trust.
Then, the best experience of my life. The photos below speak for themselves. Simply take a look at the picture “before” and “after” to note the difference and make your own idea.

If you have the opportunity to come to Paris, you can set an appointment directly from their website or start to follow this valuable advice:

• Never depilate too much;
• Don’t follow trends, you will soon or later regret;
• Never depilate with waxing;
• Just slightly make them up;
• Do not cut the eyebrows brushing them upwards, but one by one individually;
• Have patience after wrong epilations;


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