The rose has always been synonym of femininity, sweetness and beauty. The cosmetic companies are aware of this idea, in fact they choose pink as the color for the packaging of many beauty products, creams and perfumes. The rose is the essence of the new Narciso Rodriguez fragrance for a romantic summer; shocking pink is the packaging of the essential creams...


Today it has been the Beauty Day at Leonor Greyl in Paris. The Leonor Greyl institute and its natural products for the haircare are some of the first things I discovered in Paris and now I can’t miss especially the second one. The Leonor Greyl institute has been founded in 1983 in Paris when Leonor Greyl, a haircare and beauty...

Revlon shine addict nail buffer + Giveaway

As you could see, I take a lot of care of my nails. I hate damaged nails, ridged, rough and not shiny. I tried several times to try a DIY manicure, but each time the result was quite disappointing. So I decided to give up with the UV ovens and limes "prodigious" but in the end impossible to use and...

The perfect eyebrows

perfect eyebrows
The eyebrows have a key role in how your face looks. Well-defined eyebrows add expression to the look and give character to the face. Personally, I am suspicious by nature and mainly because of the experiences which have led me to be so. Again, I have often preferred to try to do my eyebrows alone rather than entrust some random...

4 Beauty Inspirations

Beauty Inspirations
Need some beauty inspiration for your shopping? Here you go some tips in 4 different style combinations, where, among some of my favourite bijoux and accessories, you can discover the latest beauty products I’ve recently bought and that I definitely invite you to test! In the first sporty-chic combination you will find a product I can’t really miss, Visionnaire by Lancome. An instantaneous skin...

Beauty: 5 tips to prolong your tan

Goodbye holidays! ... I can't take with me in Paris the sun and the sea of my beloved Italy, but I will take with me the golden tan that twenty days holiday in Salento have given me. To make it last as long as possible I will use 5 tricks that I want to share with you: 1. Choose to have a...

Make-Up Trends Spring 2014: Sweet Pink Pastel

Makeup Trends Spring
Thanks to my work as a model often I have the opportunity to discover a preview of fashion and trends. A few months ago, for example, I worked for the Academy of Paris, MakeupForEver and I got to learn what would have been the trend for the facial makeup this spring. The make-up artists suggested a look very simple...

Makeup tips: eyeliner Clarins and phard Shiseido

makeup tips
One of my beauty secrets is, without a doubt, the makeup. In fact, I am often dressed up as a makeup artist for success to work, but I can hardly like myself, when they make makeup on me. Perhaps this is because designers or photographers often tend to want to "transform" the models, and these creative makeup, are often not synonym...

Life is a Fairytale – Le conte de fées

Many people often say to me that I live in a fairy tale. There is nothing more true. So when I was offered as a model for the fashion magazine Londoner "Fairytale" in the beautiful Montmartre, I could not refuse. And now I would like to share with you the pictures of this fashion shoot, who wants to to incarnate the idea...

Everything you want to know about the secrets of beauty made ​​in Japan

beauty made ​​in Japan
Since I came back from Japan, I have in mind to write an article about skin care. What better place than Japan to learn the "secrets" of beauty to have a white face and forever young? I must be honest: not all women that I have met around Japan had a beautiful skin as I imagined, but many of them are...

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