Makeup tips: eyeliner Clarins and phard Shiseido

makeup tips
One of my beauty secrets is, without a doubt, the makeup. In fact, I am often dressed up as a makeup artist for success to work, but I can hardly like myself, when they make makeup on me. Perhaps this is because designers or photographers often tend to want to "transform" the models, and these creative makeup, are often not synonym...

Life is a Fairytale – Le conte de fées

Many people often say to me that I live in a fairy tale. There is nothing more true. So when I was offered as a model for the fashion magazine Londoner "Fairytale" in the beautiful Montmartre, I could not refuse. And now I would like to share with you the pictures of this fashion shoot, who wants to to incarnate the idea...

Everything you want to know about the secrets of beauty made ​​in Japan

beauty made ​​in Japan
Since I came back from Japan, I have in mind to write an article about skin care. What better place than Japan to learn the "secrets" of beauty to have a white face and forever young? I must be honest: not all women that I have met around Japan had a beautiful skin as I imagined, but many of them are...

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