Casual Outfit in Paris

Casual Outfit in Paris

Finally at home, finally in Paris! Finally, in front of her, the Tower which is able to render any image, magic, without ever being trivial. The reason is a real mystery! But now I've...
Alexandre De Paris

The “Pince Vendome” by Alexandre De Paris

Today I was wrapped up in the magic Place Vendome again. I think my state is becoming pathological: more I rest in this city, Paris,and more I fall in love, day after day. Even though...

Hermès Private Sale

There are brands such as Hermès, who never make the sales. Never. Not even in shops, in these days of incredible sales. And it is impossible to find some accessories at a discounted price, so...
la coquette italienne

Just a little: La Coquette Italienne!

Just a little: La Coquette Italienne! Very little is needed. In the end always very little is needed. Very little is needed to feel free, it takes little to fall in love and it takes very little to...
New year's eve

New year’s eve 2014: start!

New year's eve 2014: start! I wanted to avoid writing tedious post on "how to dress the last night of the year" ... In fact, for superstition, I adapt to the Italian traditions that always...
wedding outfit

Italian winter wedding

I have not had a quiet moment since I left Paris to spend my Christmas vacation in Italy with my family, except for a relaxing stop in Beaune (where I bought some very good...
The hat

The hat: part two

The hat: part two As I had promised in my last article, today I write to you still something about the classic accessory of winter 2013-2014, which has become indispensable both for fashion and for its real usefulness. But...
Just a hat

Just a hat: Chapeau!

Here in Paris it's super - cool! Now it's really impossible to renounce to a hat on the head! To be frank, I personally never loved the hats. Of any kind. I always liked to watch the...
outfit MAJE

The outfit MAJE behind the scenes and a secret address!

What a beautiful day! This morning I woke up cursing my pc , and actually, I've just stopped doing it.  But despite that , I still have a great desire to communicate with you !...
gold and diamond

Gold and diamond

It’s officially autumn and, as always in this case, my mood is not at his positive peak! But today I decided that I have to be happy and positive even if no big sun...

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