Le Meridien Bali

Nouvelle Vague: Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran

After two weeks immersed into Bali traditions, my back flight was waiting for me just few days later. When the end of your trip is coming the willingness to make the most of your time...
Villa Idanna Bali

Villa Idanna Bali: Relaxing Escape

Bali: Sidemen village. Villa Idanna stands on a promontory which is dominating a charming landscape that, a rice terrace after the other and dense jungles which surround its hills, reaches the 3.000 meters of...

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Sweet Ideas

Here we are, tomorrow is already February the 14th and I am pretty sure that many of you have still no idea for the Valentine’s Day gift!Do the same as me, just choose to...

Lecce: a magic begin

And it is already 2015! My first day of this new year I woke up in my beautiful baroque city: Lecce, the heart of Salento, in the south of Italy. I know I am repetitive,...

Geneva Girl’s Guide

What are the 3 most exciting things for a woman? 1) Shopping 2) Travelling 3) Go out with friends Then imagine you can enjoy a weekend of relax, fun, shopping and wellness together with your best friends, but...
music paris

LCI Music Paris ! ♬ Music and Fashion: the perfect combination. Music accompanies my days, all along, it scans their duration, it makes them unique, connects them to precise memories, it influences their style. Today finally starts at the feet of...

Deauville: The Timeless Elegance and The Hotel Du Golf Barriere

When you're in Paris it’s really hard to find the time to visit the rest of France. The capital offers so many ideas that in some ways they force you to stay there and admire...
Bubble Tea in Paris

Bubble Tea in Paris

A Bubble Tea thank you! A ... what? A tea with bubbles? After a break-book in a Parisian café, yesterday I went around Paris to try Bubble Tea for all tastes with my friend Alessandra...
Surf in Bali

Pop Surf in Bali with Roxy

Imagine for a moment to be in Bali: the sun, the hair in the wind, the smell of saltitude in the air and the wonderful waves on the horizon. Perched on their surfboards, tens of surfers are...
A Weekend in Stockholm

A Weekend in Stockholm

DAY 1 10.30  HAVE A TOUR IN SoFo  Have breakfast at Il Caffé. If you want to enjoy a weekend in Stockholm the best way to start is a great cappuccino and some tasty muffins and that's the place to go!...

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