5 French Style Rules

boho outfit

No need to be born in Paris to have a French style. To get the a French attitude you just need not follow all the rules and the trends and know how to take some freedom with the dictates of fashion! Here are 5 french-style rules that you would not (perhaps) expect:

  1. Total Black: When you don’t know what to wear or you have no time to match colours and accessories, with the black there is no risk of fashion “faux pas”! A sudden dinner with friends? An elegant cocktail? You are late for a business meeting? Bet on the black.
  2. Be Basic: to get a flawless look, you need to focus on some basic items. I suggest you to include in your wardrobe at least a dozen of basic items to match them easily with other more particular items.
  3. Bijoux Accessories: you need accessories in order to enrich and customize your looks. The belt, for example, as I wrote you feew days ago is one of the most important accessories in fashion, and you can find it in many variants… Think for a moment “bling-bling” chains of Chanel!
  4. Decontextualise the look: forget the coordinated, decontextualize your clothes and add extravagant or very elegant details. Wear a black chiffon skirt with a pair of biker boots or like the ones I’m wearing in the picture below, rather than your last elegant ballerinas!
  5. The rule of the dimensions: when the below part (skirt or pants) is large, the above should be small. Differently, when it is the bottom to be tight, the above should be larger.


Black Top /Gray skirt /Fringed bag / Black Chiffon skirt/ Gold chain bag/ Pullover : Boohoo.com

Bijoux as “belt”: Happiness Boutique

Necklace and Bracelet : Perka Design

Earrings: Chanel

Cross Ring: Dear Charlotte bijoux

Sunglasses: Dior So Real


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