For all people like me who suffer the cold winter temperatures and adore the cozy sweaters of all types there’s nothing like the soft and surrounding feeling that cashmere provides.

Cashmere–which is technically a type of wool—is super-soft and extra-warm, but also typically a bit more expensive than your average winter sweater. That’s because it’s considered pretty rare (it can take one goat four years to grow enough hair for one sweater!) and because it’s labor intensive to create garments made with this high-quality material.  The cashmere sweaters are always an evergreen trend and it can keep you cozy! But this season has revalued them even more.

I really like the red cashmere sweater I chose as I think it’s easy to wear with different outfits. My favorite way to wear it is with a pair of flared jeans (we will see many flared jeans next season :-)). Of course, a sweater of this color is not suitable for any occasion, but with a pair of jeans like these it is still very cool and gives you a kind of trendy “city-girl” look!

A COZY CASHMERE SWEATER Estheme-cachemire-pull- Estheme-cachemire-pull-


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