I’m pregnant how I dress? Before discovering that I was pregnant I always thought it was impossible to be able to dress with style and elegance during pregnancy. I thought we should abandon the trends of the moment for a while and stop following fashion.

Instead, I now know that it is not necessary to redo the wardrobe in the maternity ward: it is true that often these are the clothes that are better when pregnant, but this is not always the case.

In the photos I show you today, for example, I dared a seasonal fashion look, which I easily found at Zara (in an obviously large size) and that I combined with some fashion accessories that I chose for the summer 2018. A white linen shirt that does not highlight the shape of the belly and a patterned silk pants. To complete the look a pair of flat sandals and a white bag.

Maternity fashion look - pic 1

Maria Rosaria - fashion

Maternity look

maternity look 2


  • Shirt and Pants : Zara
  • Bag: Pomikaki
  • Earrings : Satellite Paris

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