A velvet and lace look

A velvet and lace look to be elegant like never before ! Today’s outfit features velvet as the protagonist.

The outfit is composed of a velvet bodysuit that enhances the décolleté and a matching velvet and lace skirt.

Fashion trend fall winter 2020 2021, velvet is declined in every version, from the most casual to the most elegant. Velvet has always been considered a look-saving garment to have in the wardrobe because its intrinsic elegance has always been combined with a certain comfort of the soft and enveloping fabric.

The novelty compared to the past are the bias cuts, bangs or lace and asymmetrical hems, which give sinuous and feminine movements to the velvet outfits of autumn winter 2020-2021.

Not only velvet trouser suits, elegant and comfortable but also dresses or looks consisting of matching top and skirt, like the one we propose today from l‘Imprevu Belgium : a velvet and lace look that struck us for its elegance.

In fashion very often, it’s the little details that make the difference and make us opt for one choice over another. And the asymmetrical cut lace hem of the L’imprevu Belgium suit definitely made me fall in love. Moreover, the elegance with which this suit accompanies the curvy shapes of the female body makes me feel particularly feminine.

This winter, designers, have declined the velvet in many color variations. So let’s say goodbye to the old idea of black velvet, perhaps a bit boring, and embrace with joy these new bright shades of colors: ruby red, mustard yellow, emerald green, bright purple.

This refinement of details and the return to luxurious but comfortable materials such as velvet, confirm our idea that the various lockdowns have not changed our desire for elegance, sophistication and femininity.

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