Are you missing Xmas gifts?

Xmas gifts

Are you missing a last Xmas gifts to buy?

Just four days to Christmas, you still have to make some gifts? Do you have any idea? No.

Then there you have some gift ideas that I have personally choosen addressed to women only, as we all know  they are the hardest to satisfy. A tip for men: choose wisely or prepare to spend the Christmas night on the couch!


1-  Gold Stone Ring by CLARA JASMINE

2-  Glitter Ballerinas by LE CAPRESI

3-  Apom Parfum by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

4- Watch by Daniel Wellington  (Use the code HOLIDAY_COQUETTE to have 15% Discount)

5- Shoes by FAGUO

6- Backpack by FAGUO

7-  Necklace by New Look

8- Cardigan by LES PETITES


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