I have recently come back to Paris ready to get lost among the beautiful streets of this city that one day took my heart and to eat baguettes and croissants! For my arrival I chose a little “decontracté” outfit (as the French would say) not to steal too much focus from my jewelry.

Oh yes, I am a fanatic of the jewels and I like to wear (almost) them all: gold, silver, pearls, bijoux, diamonds, stones. And what about the watch? I would match a different one every time I refresh my look. Today my love at first sight was a cuff in silver, bold and elegant, created by Daniel Wellington (I guess now you all fashion-addicted know this brand)! I could not avoid to pair it with one of my Daniel Wellington watches that has lately become one of my favourite due to detail of the blue hands and overall I found that it has been a truly winning combination #PERFECTMATCH . I could wear them either with a simple outfit like this, either for an elegant evening. For the rest, I have to admit I sometimes like to mix yellow gold jewelry and silver; I often read in some fashion magazines that this is a mistake, but I absolutely disagree!

This thing reminds me a little bit the rule to match accessories with the same coulour in an outfit which was popular few years ago and now (thankfully) no longer fashionable! Now my Daniel Wellington marks the 19h32, it’s time to prepare for a romantic Parisian night. The outfits will change, but not my new bracelet.

But before leaving I would like to make you a small gift: now, with the exclusive promo code ” COQUETTE ” you can enjoy the 15% discount for any purchase on the site Daniel Wellington (valid until 15 January).

In Paris with the new Daniel Wellington cuff In Paris with the new Daniel Wellington cuff In Paris with the new Daniel Wellington cuff La-Coquette-Italienne-Maria-for-Daniel-Wellington La-Coquette-Italienne-Maria-for-Daniel-Wellington


  • Blouse : SHEIN Jeans: MET
  • Watch and Argent Bracelet : DANIEL WELLINGTON

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