At The TOP of 2014! ♬

TOP of 2014

N°10 :  LCI Music Paris

The creation of the discographic project related to the blog La Coquette Italienne.

N°9 :  Matera 

A weekend in the capital of European Culture, among the old stones of the city.

N°8 :  Tokyo Fashion Week

The Coquette Italienne attends the fashion shows of Japanese fashion week.

N°7 :  Project Tatù 

Joining the project Tatu, to say no to Violence against Women!

N°6 :  Versailles

My day at the palace with a fairy dress.

N°5 :  Summer in Salento

My summer spent in the places of the seasid where I spent my childhood in Salento, every magical and evocative.

N°4 :  Two Italians in Paris

The Coquette Italienne and Fiat 500 in a perfect fashion combination among the big avenues of Paris.

N°3 :  Singapore 

A look at the most futuristic city in the world from the rooftop pool of the Marina Bay Sands.

N°2 :  Bali 

An unforgettable place, on the border between dreams and reality.

N°1 :  Golden Blog Awards 2014

The election as Best French Fashion Blog of the year at the Golden Blog Awards in Paris and the beginning of a new chapter! Thanks to all !

Music: gp


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