Autumnal Outfit in Paris

outfit la coquette

In Paris, in this period there are no precise rules! Although we are in high summer, last week the cool and breezy weather, almost autumnal, allowed me to dare an autumnal outfit that I jealously kept aside for the next September, after coming back from holidays!
The trench coat that I wear in the photos is simply fantastic, I love this shade of pink that fades gradually to a pale gray and its sophisticated tissue (I’m sure you will see it shortly in my future outfits ).
The handbag seems so perfectly interpreting the “coquette-style” and the Dior sunglasses hide my dark circles very well (I woken up very early that day). My favorite one by Dior are always the So Real model, but these sunglasses are definitely very pretty too. What do you think? And what about about my autumnal outfit?

Photo Credits: Chic is the New Punk 


Trench : Mariella Rosati

Bag: Fratelli Rossetti

Sunglasses : Dior – Grand Optical

Earrings: Chanel


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