There are some days like today in which I love my life to die and I definitely love my job! Nobody could have thought that in the end this small hobby could bring to me so many satisfaction day by day!

Paris is superb and I will always thank “her” for the opportunities which she has given to me, nominating La Coquette Italienne the best French blog of Fashion in the last Golden Blog Awards! In these days I have been a bit absent on the blog as I have been shooting a video. I didn’t want to anticipate it with this “avant-premiere” and ruin the surprise but I have to admit that I am not so good in making surprises!

In the icy cold Paris it has been really hard to make it and I frequently thought to be frozen to death, but finally we could make it!

Here you go some pictures which my photographer secretly shot during those days in which I was wearing a white cloth by Naf Naf, very tight on the waist but with a wide skirt (a bit reminding Dior style, which I love!), an animalier fur by Elisabetta Franchi and my favourite mini-umbrella of Burberry. See you soon and have I nice weekend girls !

Photo Credits : Maru Photos


Dress/ Blazer: Naf Naf

Fur :Elisabetta Franchi

Bag : Louis Vuitton

Umbrella : Burberry 

Bijoux : Write me for info


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