Back to the 70s

outfit la coquette

If in the 70s the motto was to go against the current and conquer freedom in fashion adding very personal details to the clothes, the slogan today can be definitely do not miss opportunity to relive these magical moments and the freedom conquered at that time by taking advantage of the “Back to the Past” in fashion.

So today I could not wait to get out with a denim trapeze skirt , buttoned up on the front, and with these vintage sunglasses by Persol (a little big compared to my face :-)).

Sometimes fashion is the dream of trying to be as you would like, and if you feel comfortable in these clothes, it means that they are perfect for you.

What do you think?

If you like the outfit you may shop it directly here below :-)! I’ll write you soon!


Jacket: Bray Steve Alan

Sunglasses Vintage: Persol

Skirt, Bag, Earrings : New Look

Shoes: NoBrand


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