Backpack trends 2016

backpack trends

Big or larger – to contain the necessary and not only – or extra small – as precious to carry on our shoulders, the backpack is discovering a new era.

In a mobile society like ours, backpack is a necessity or a choice of style?

Since the Eighties the most glamorous women choose backpack black Prada because of its convenience (thanks to the processing of nylon in tight weave) we are not surprised the coincidence of fashion and practicality … and design.

The must-have Prada is now displayed at New York’s MoMA as “design object”.

At the end of 2013 sneakers, face shields, sweatshirts and fanny packs, are must in fashion as a revival of the eighties and nineties, and also the backpack is an essential accessory.
Yesterday and today the backpack is the school’s signature accessory: Invicta model, One Shoulder HSL and universal Eastpak is interpreted in those years with Limited Edition signed by artists.

Essential accessory, unique in its comfort, from 2014 backpack becomes sporty-couture (DKNY, Moschino, Chanel).
The models, shapes and sizes are very different: there are backpad colored with fantasies, or dark with studs; there are classic and timeless as total white version or leather version.

Designers choose the comfort deluxe: they leave It-bag less wide.
Backpacks now range of colors, textures and sizes …. and materials: nylon, denim and leather, but also versions embroidered or animal.
And this year?

During the latest fashion shows – fashion week spring summer 2016 – the backpack is compact, sometimes worn as a handbag.
The backpad is small and indispensable, full of pockets, with a soul practice even in its mini version.
Geometric backpacks are reduced to a minimum: Alexander Wang proposes us the fabric and suede with coating; Proenza Schouler uses red leather and its bag is inspired by PS1.

Today the volume of the backpack is extra-small, and fabrics are declined in different styles: Valentino chose black leather and a rock style, Stella McCartney uses eco-leather and style nature while Elizabeth and James use the canvas and cloth wool white to obtain a more minimal style.

Like a few other accessories in fashion – the backpack – is both a necessity is a choice of style; large to contain everything and more, or extra-small as a precious object (almost a fetish) – to carry on shoulders or in your hand, backpack combines the convenience and usefulness with differentiation of style, taste, choice of a personal style.


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