Bags and Shoes

Bags and shoes

Bags and shoes: the accessories for excellence, both able to transform our look in a moment. For an always up-to-date look, just a bit of fantasy and some qualitative accessories to be mixed are needed.

If in your closet you can count a reasonable number of shoes and bags, you won’t feel boring to wear the same dress more than once. In fact, you can dress exactly same from the morning till night, but to really be well-dressed, you definitely can’t use the same bad all day long (with some iconic exceptions which are so versatile that today have gained a top position in any type of occasion!).

The same thing stands for shoes. Nowadays you can choose among a huge number and types of shoes and you just have to select the right one for the right occasion. In the outfit I am suggesting here I wants to show you how the cloths I chose for the day radically changed by just changing few accessories.

The bags I am featuring are from the collection of Mika Sarolea Paris and they are born really with the intention to satisfy those women who live three times in the same day and that with a reasonable spending need to afford to be feminine and fashionable in every occasion.

For the shoes, I wanted to dare with the contrast between high heels and rain boots (my last model by Colors of California which I really went crazy for!), passing from a more coquettish mise to a bit more relaxed one by still very chic! I adore the result!

PhotoCredits : StoneRoseMedia 


Hat : Italian Vintage by Citadium Paris

Leather Jacket : Les Petites Paris

Skirt : Mango

Collants : Calzedonia

Shoes : New Look

Bags : Mika Sarolea Paris


Jacket : Les Petites Paris by AC

Pull : Zara

Rain Boots : Colors of California

Bags : Mika Sarolea Paris



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