My night at the Moulin Rouge for the launch of the Beautiful Box Moulin Rouge of was magical.

For me, that I’ve always dreamed of living in Paris during the Belle Epoque, with carefree happiness, with the famous French Cancan, to be this legendary cabaret it has meant a great emotion!

Thanks to and Beautiful Box Moulin Rouge I am able to enter for a few minutes in the fantastic backstage at the Moulin Rouge among the colorful plumes, jewels and glittering clothes. Then, after dinner, the curtain opened, phones and cameras were turned off and has begun the show. Really wonderful!

In March the Beautiful Box invokes the joy of life of the Belle Epoque and elegance to the French with this special edition Moulin Rouge that will help you enhance your beauty with a chic and stylish look and will reveal all the secrets of the reverse French manicure technique. In the box you can find eyelashes, red lipstick and red nail polish for an unforgettable evening!


Dress : Sandra Mansour Shoes : Aperlai Paris / Bag : Chanel / Necklace : Moma Gioielli / Fur Coat : King Kong Fashion

More to Come


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