Bottega Veneta quits social media

Bottega Veneta quits social networks and leaves everyone speechless. Really everyone, from the most addicted fashionistas to fashion influencers, from digital specialists to fashion marketing experts, doesn’t explain why.

Everyone is wondering right now what may have prompted Bottega Veneta to quit social media. In fact, it is enough to open Instagram or Facebook to see that the Bottega Veneta bags, the colorful shoes and the linear clothes are still everywhere. And while this brand dictates the law in fashion in this historic moment and conquers with its bold colors even the fashion addicted most fond of neutral tones, Bottega Veneta quits social media and its disappearance from social media leaves everyone a little baffled.

There is who already talk of a marketing strategy, a publicity stunt and the fact that today it is impossible not to depend on the digital world and that this choice will be short-lived. But will that really be the case?

After all, we could have expected this move from Daniel Lee, the creative director of Bottega Veneta, as a former pupil of Phoebe Philo, Celine’s stylist who became an icon of the ideology “less internet is better”. Phoebe Philo told Vogue US in 2013: “The chicest thing is when you don’t exist on Google. How much I wish I wasn’t there!”.

Be there but don’t be there. Maybe that’s the strategy. In fact, as if to honor the successes of Phoebe Philo there are other accounts such as @PhoebePhilodiary or @oldCeline, now for Bottega Veneta there are the accounts @newbottega and A coincidence? Maybe.

While Bottega Veneta breathes a sigh of relief, relieved by the daily commitment that social media demands, like a celebrity during a holiday period, the world of social media has not stopped confirming the online presence of the brand, day after day, post after post.

We have done a check and Bottega Veneta’s e-commerce site is fully functional, fashion addicts can safely continue to buy the latest Cassette Bag when and how they want and this is a positive sign that, probably, we will soon see Bottega Veneta again online also on Instagram and Facebook.

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