Boutique OGGI: when accessorizes make the difference

Boutique OGGI

Who doesn’t dream to attend a fashion event or a wedding in the charming City of Light?

What I realized today is that in these events the clothes  are not the ones to make the difference, but the accessories that you wear are! Thanks to my job, I happened to know a brand of accessories (all handmade) capable to make any outfit elegant.

To wear a special and unique accessory is the secret of being the most photographed woman or  girl at the event.

The brand OGGI has been founded about 30 years ago, by Murielle, an italian designer (wow!) and today it is  distributed throughout all the world. For this new collection, she has chosen bold colors and particular bijoux, but also lovely hats for special occasions and some others for a simple day of casual shopping.

If you are interested in, below you can find the link to their website and the address of their boutique OGGI in the core of the Parisian fashion!

Boutique OGGI:

OGGI, 10 rue du Chevalier de St-George
75001 Paris – Téléphone : 01 42 86 02 03


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