Cannes 2015: Les Escales Bleue

cannes 2015

Cannes Festival 2015: here we go !

Thrilling, exciting, surprising. The days run very fast between movie presentations, yacht and beach parties, vip, gossip, luxury and obviously fashion. There are some things which are quite usual, events which takes place every year, places become cult and people meeting right here every time the festival is on. 

hen there is the surprise, the unexpected, the new events and the latest top exclusive and original locations as the one that Grey Goose signed for Cannes 2015.

In fact for this festival edition, the premium French vodka brand revealed again its “cocktail” of exclusivity and creativity by re-proposing the Boulangerie Bleue, with exceptional drinks and a unique, 100% genuine french atmosphere.

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Dress : Etienne Jeanson Couture 

Sunglasses : Dior

Bag : Chanel 


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