Casual Elegance

casual elegance

After a memorable weekend spent at the Lake of Geneva (which I will write about asap), I went back to my Parisian life and the first thing I wanted to share with you is this outfit which I really love.

I paired a very versatile mini dress with a very original cut, adorable and soft colors (which lends itself well to different situations by simply changing some accessories), to some high sneakers which slender the body but still without becoming the focus of the look.

In fact, sneakers have nowadays been imposed as passe partout even for the most elegant and formal occasions, with a concept of elegance that has become increasingly wide, leaving rooms to the free expression of our tastes.

But the highlight of this look is actually the set of jewels in gold rose finishing and pearls from the collection “Lunae” by Morellato that gives a touch of femininity and extreme romanticism in contradiction with the casualty of the sneakers.

What do you think?

Photo Credits: Maruphoto


Dress: Mihacé France

Shoes: No Brand 

Bag: Escada

Jewels: Morellato – Lunae collection 


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