Chanel: “Fashion passes, style remains!”


A typical cloudy parisian morning: this Saturday was perfect to go out for shopping for La Coquette Italienne!

I started with a quick tour of the various boutiques close to my place, but nothing has cought my attention. Was it be because I am passing these days looking overseas at the New York fashion week and my expectations are higher than usual?  Was it because I am aiming for the ones in Milan and Paris, where I can touch and try the new top brands’ collections and look at the daily outfit of the “insiders” walking around in my district?

I don’t really know, but I managed to calm down my thirst of brands’ new collections in shops just into one of my favourite brands’ shop: Chanel!

Chanel is more than fashion for me, I can recognize its flavor remembering my childhood.

It reminds me the first time I found a vintage pochette at my granny’s home (and I decide that it would have been mine forever), or when I was spending hours and hours looking myself in the mirror wearing my mum’s Chanel decolletèes and her fur ten times bigger than me.

Chanel is not the news I am waiting for thirsty,  it is not as it happens with other brands, it’s something which I can blindly trust for the next coming years, knowing that I will never get bothered by.

A mainstream thought of  Mademoiselle Coco was :

“Fashion passes, style remains”.

That is exactly what I mean! And that’s why after many years my grandmother’s pochette is still one of my favourit must-have accessories.

So today, once I have arrived in rue Cambon, after ten minutes of mental confusion and impulse buy stimulus, thinking “help me, I want e-very-thing”, I took a deep breath and I tried to focus on my real needs.

Oh yes, sure: the wallet! It’s months that I want a new one!

And while the clerk was kindly showing all the various model, my eyes fell on a pochette definitely bigger than the one I had stolen to my granny. Black, in lather, matelassè and with a zip with a logo-pendant at the end which stays externally when it’s closed… Simple, fantastic, BOUGHT… “Damn, it is not a wallet!!”

As usual, I went back home happy for a new buy which I didn’t need at all! So I would be still ok for some time with my current wallet!

And you? Could you resist?

Boutique : CHANEL, 31 rue Cambon, Paris

New bag e pochette: CHANEL

Abito: TOPSHOP, London

Giacca: CELINE, Paris

Occhiali da sole: H&M


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