“Everyone is in the front row, and this is a show about everyday life” said Karl Lagerfeld at the Chanel fashion show, at the Grand Palais in Paris. During this fashion show models were wearing knee-length skirts with open zip, comfortable, almost sports, ones that every woman would choose. “Fashion isn’t just for the èlite people, but now fashion is for everyone, and it is open and driven by social media! Fashion is Instagramable!”


The Digital is one of the protagonists of this Paris Fashion Week; in the collection of Louis Vuitton construction methods of clothes are digital and these methods are reflected in luxurious fabrics; they connect the high technology to the classic cashmere for example.

One of the true “discoveries” of this fashion season has been the fashion designer Manish Arora: he offers digital prints on his dresses and he is inspired by India and the Indian culture.


During the fashion show of Luis Buchinho the cuts to be made by digital techniques; in Leonard show instead there are prints and floral patterns; clothes are soft and comfortable.

In this Paris Fashion Week pants are wide and soft: in Ellery collection pants are “bell” style and do not exceed the ankle; there are appliques and brooches (stars, faces, mouths)… These brooches recall us the emoticons, and they appear on coats and jackets (in Maison Margiela collection for example). There is an extravagant jewelery and extra large and extra long chains for sunglasses (in Chanel and Westwood collection). It is a Digital Paris Fashion Week! Right for us!


More to Come


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